Welcome to Dropbear Aerials

The world of UAV Operations is crowded with companies who perform Aerial Photography, having come from a photographic background.

We are different!

At Dropbear Aerials we are pilots first and foremost. We operate UAVs with built-in cameras, so we can perform aerial photography, but we engage with professional photographers and filmmakers where we handle the flying and leave the creative control in the hands of the experts - effectively providing a "flying tripod" where we get the camera to where you want it, safely and reliably. We also have access to professional editing tools for both stills and videos to fine tune the results so you get exactly what your need.

As well as aerial filming and photography we can also provide other UAV services. This includes the ability to do ground and architectural surveys, producing high-resolution models using market-leading tools, and, during the Christmas Season, we also operate our "SantaView" service for those households who like to splash out on their Christmas decorations!

We are fully certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for both Day and Night Time Commercial Operations in the UK, and are proficient in flying not only with the latest software which provides flight automation and precision operations, but also in full manual mode, ensuring flight safety under any conditions.

Our prices are available on request and are aimed to be competitive. We accept all major credit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay, and can arrange terms with businesses who regularly use our services.

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