In July 2018, the CAA allowed operators that have the appropriate procedures to fly at night. We have those procedures in place, and as a result can now offer our "SantaView" service.

If you are one of those people who really go to town with the festive decorations, or even if you are a company who likes to spread the Christmas cheer, we can do an evening aerial photography session starting from £125 depending on distance for a basic evening of. We can tailor this service to include both photos and a short video if desired, and add effects, and we can quote to meet your exact requirements. All the results are provided free of rights, so you can use them on social media or to make Christmas cards.

We will ask you to ensure your neighbours are aware we will be filming, and you will need to sign an agreement to that effect, but we aim to streamline this process as much as possible to keep the costs down. If you live in the Milton Keynes area, look out for one of our leaflets through your door as you might even qualify for a very special price!

What You Get . . . 

Firstly, we handle all the planning and safety aspects. All we ask is that you inform your neighbours and sign a form confirming that. We will then discuss with you what you would like to see - we have a good idea of what looks good, so don't worry you can leave that to us, but we will try to accommodate nay specific requests.

Once we have completed the filming we will download the results from our drone and review the footage with you. We will also perform some post-production work, which might include things like adding a "star flare" effect, which looks good with Christmas lights. When everything is complete we will deliver the digital media to you in both raw and edited forms, for you to use as you see fit.

Christmas Drone Photography and Video