Aerial Photography and Other UAV Services

All services are bookable in blocks of quarter, half or full days of operations, which typically equates to approximately 30 minutes, 1 hour or two hours actual flying and filming time. A 25% deposit is payable on initial booking of all services except by agreement.

Payment Methods Accepted


Quotations and Bookings

The pricing for our UAV operations varies depending on how complex the requirements are, location, and other risks that need to be taken unto account. Please call or use our contact page to discuss your requirements. We always operate within the framework of the UK CAA regulations, and will use our bespoke planning system to help generate a final, no obligations quote which is valid for 30 days and is subject to our Terms and Conditions below. We will advise you if it is not possible to meet your requirements, for example if your site is within a marked "no-fly" zone.

If our quotation meets your approval, then we require a 25% deposit to secure the provisional date for the work. We may also arrange a physical site visit to perform a detailed site survey as well as to finalise the arrangements.
We are happy to discuss fixed price contracts with clients who wish to engage us on a repeat basis, including payment on account.

NOTE: We only offer UAV Operation services, and do not hire our equipment to third parties without our pilots to operate it.

Engagement Process

When we receive the initial enquiry, we require the client to provide us with the exact locations of the proposed work (including the U.K. Postcode), a proposed date, and a brief outline with as much detail as possible regarding the nature of the work to be performed. We will use this data to perform an initial assessment of the site to see if the work can be carried out safely and legally, as well as determining other factors, including need for permissions or coordination with Air Traffic services. If our initial survey does not show any issues we will provide a full and detailed quotation for the work.

Once the work is booked with us, we may undertake a physical site visit in advance of the work to gain more detailed information and to complete the flight planning, so that when we arrive on site to perform the work, there are no surprises.

Unfortunately, aerial UAV Operations are affected by the weather and the U.K. is well known for its varied, and often unpredictable weather! Therefore we take a flexible and pragmatic approach to scheduling work. Our UAVs cannot operate drones in rain, snowfall or high winds. Where clients may have specific requirements that restrict us to flying at specific times, the weather will be a factor that determines our ability to safely operate.

We monitor the weather constantly up to the date of any work, and aim to give at least 48 hours notice of the likelihood of there being adverse weather conditions. Where the client's needs permit we will endeavour to rearrange the work to another mutually suitable date at no additional cost, however if the shoot cannot be rearranged due to factors outside of our control (such as client availability) we will not offer a refund on the initial deposit.

If the client's date is fixed, for example for a wedding or other time specific events, then we offer a full refund as long as the fact that the engaement is time fixed was disclosed at the time of booking. However, if the client requests that they wish us to still attend the site on the original date our pilots will remain on-site for as long as is practical, in the hope of a break in the weather. However if we are unable to perform our operations we will charge in full, but will offer a significant discount should the client wish to reattempt the work on another date. If the client cancels the work within seven days of the scheduled work without rescheduling then the deposit will not be refunded.